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Our curriculum is based on students' levels:


1. Moves and Values of pieces
2. King & Pawn moves and captures
3. Rook & Bishop moves and captures
4. Queen moves and captures
5. Knight moves and captures
6. Capturing smart!
7. Check safely!
8. Make a smart move
9. Mating the king
10. Stalemate

Beginners (Standard)

1. Moves and Values of Pieces
2. Capturing Pieces
3. Basic Check
4. 3 ways of getting out of check
5. Basic Checkmate
6. Pawn Promotion
7. Castling
8. Stalemate
9. Back Rank Mates
10.Smart Openings
11.Chess Notation


The course is designed for students with basic knowledge of chess game and ability to deliver standard checkmates. 

The program for Intermediate groups include:

-Common Chess Tactics (Forks, Pins, Discovered Attack & Check, Double Check, Skewers, Removing the Defender)

-Basics of chess strategies (Pawn Structure, Key Squares, Outposts)

-Endgame Patterns   


Students with solid knowledge of chess tactics join our Advanced groups to learn:

-How to overcome obstacles

-How to find a solution in desperate situation(s)

-How to become Tournament winner

Coaches and kids analyze together games played by world champ           EVENING CHESS FUN FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS

1. Attacking castled king

2. Chess Teamwork in action

3.  Destroying opponent’s defense

4.  Ways to calculate tactics

5.  Reading your opponent’s mind

6.  King’s activity at the endgame

7.  Finding the best move

8.  Using Open Files 

9.  The most common mistake 

10. Let’s analyze a position

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